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How often will I receive notifications about Single's, EP's, Albums, and Merch?

Great news is good news when it is rare.

  • Singles, EP’s, and Albums (Only for Official Release dates)
    You will begin receiving emails 4 – 6 weeks before an official release.
  • Merch (Very rare, or only on Official Release dates)
    At this time, there is no Merch being sold. You will not receive emails in regards to Merch.
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    You will receive emails at the same time as any official Release dates.
What kind of industry standard insight will I be notified about?
  • Informational or promotional emails (Moderate)
    Videos and image demonstrations of my work will be published along with blogs.
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  • Booking (Rare)
    Most bookings are handled on a one to one communication with musicians, promoters, agents. Emails regarding booking information will be rare. 
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  • Yes.
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Edward Steel